Dear friends!

Thank you so much for your will to help the
G-Landia project!
It's so cool to see people sharing our values and believes.
Every good word, advice, and every penny we get from you, is a great deal of trust in our project and we are very touched by that.

Please remember!

We'd rather you became our friend than just a sponsor!

Anyway, if you are far away from the cold Russian Federation,
you can transfer the funds straight to our G-Landia Foundation account:

G-Landia Charity Foundation TAX number – 7820 0496 30
TAX number of the Bank 7728168971

Account number of G-landia Foundation: 4070 3840 5322 3000 0006 (for USD)
Account number of G-landia Foundation: 4070 3978 1322 3000 0006 (for EURO)
Account number of G-landia Foundation: 4070 3810 5322 3000 0081 (for RUBLES)

You show us how many good people there are around and give us hope that we are not the only guys striving to make this world a better place.
To create a high quality app that will be available to all internet users free of charge we really need your help.

It can be absolutely anything that you love doing.
You can draw us a poster, make a little song to touch the hearts of the people, make a video asking people on the streets about their dreams and who they would like to invite to this project as motivators or even start the same project in your country.

We would be glad to share all the ideas with like-minded people like you!

As for the financial help, yes you can donate us a few bucks or a million.
Everything we receive goes to make the app top quality and to scale up the project.
We are now in the process of programming and inviting thousands of legendary brands and celebrities as well as good people like you.

By the way, this is another thing we would like to ask you to do to support the movement!
Just drop your favorite companies and stars a few lines inviting them to this project, or send them a link to, so we can go global right from the start and support the Dreams of your people and your country.

We do not take money for ourselves, guarantee!

All the financial reports will be soon available online, so you will see how exactly
and efficiently your donations are making this project so good!
From Pasha, Masha and Russia with