Spheres of life
We recommend nine main areas for your balanced and harmonious growth.
In each of them, you can create your own desires and goals or choose from a list of the most popular ones.
☀️ Brighter lifestyle
1. Fulfilling one bucketlist desire per month.
2. To fall in love like crazy
3. Doing something new and wicked every day.
4. Get a train to an unknown direction
5. Dance in the crowd like there is no one around
6. Run a flash mob "free hugs", "candies for cigis", etc.
7. Make a t-shirt saying "smile if I turn you ON"
8. Walk through the cemetery at night
9. Go on a Blind Date and kiss someone you don't know
🍏 Beauty, Sport, Health
1. Drink more fresh water
2. Go to bed before 11 PM
3. Cool shower / dousing
4. Stretching 10min
5. 5 min for cleaning the room
6. 5 min dance for the good mood
7. More greens, fruits, vegetables and nuts
8. Herbal tea instead of coffee
9. Less sugar/salt / tobacco / alcohol
❤️Relationships, Family, Love
1. Smile / compliment / say "Hello" to a stranger
2. Treat a stranger with a sweet
3. Send an anonymous classic postcard or a letter
4. Say "I love you" only when I feel it
5. "How can I help?" instead of, "how are you?"
6. Call your close ones or write them something warm and cordial
7. A little surprise for the one you treasure
8. Dedicate 30 min for the one you love, instead of web surfing
9. Make a nice dinner
👫 Friends & Partners
1. Organize something exciting for your friends
2. 10 min for a sincere conversation
3. Tell about their dreams / ideas in your social media
4. Offer help to anyone
5. Get to know 1 new person every day
6. Make a nice surprise for a stranger that will make him/her smile
7. Be sincere and interested in others
8. Learn a fresh anecdote or a trick
9. Be myself and show different sides of me to others
⛵️ Leisure and recreation
1. 30 minutes JUST for myself!
2. Trip out of town for the weekend
3. To save $3 per day for the holiday
4. Outdoor activities, dancing, singing, fitness, jogging
5. Don't do anything I don't want to.
6. Say what I feel 3 time / day
7. 20 min per day for my hobby
8. Less TV and Internet, more outdoor games
9. Asking myself goodnight "Am I happy? Did I do any good today?"
🌎 Better Future
1. Volunteering. Clean Ups, Snow removal, recycling
2. Help for other useful social projects
3. 10 min a day thinking about my purpose
4. 10 min a day to sum up my daily good ideas
5. Running a local Eco movement (eco issues will be echoed)
6. Plant a fruit alley for the next generations
7. Unite and run something good with neighbors
8. Help veterans / elderly / orphans / animals
9. 10 min /day to study useful ideas for the world
💸 Financial freedom
1. Passive income study (10 min / day)
2. Extra earnings by doing what I love
3. More conscious spending / Less unnecessary / harmful staff
4. Save up just $5 / day for my Dream
5. Pay the loans and credits regularly
6. Study of a remote earnings (10 min)
7. Write down my wins / earnings / savings (5 min/day)
8. Learn the habits of successful and happy people (5 min)
9. Get to know 1 useful person / day
🌱 Personal growth
1. Relaxation, yoga, meditation (30 min)
2. 30 min for reading books / audiobooks / useful communications
3. Going where I want to go the least to find my fears
4. First, do what I least want to do.
5. Agree to everything. Pacifying the ego (30 min)
6. Telling only the truth 10 min / day
7. Be myself 10 min / day
8. Awareness in every breath, look, step and word
9. Paying attention to when and why I lie
📚 Education and career
1. Teaching what I want to know better myself
2. Reading useful materials > 20 min / day
3. Interesting trainings, learning super habits of others
4. Searching for a new and long wanted job (20 min)
5. Running your dream project (20 min)
6. Studying and applying new technology (20 min)
7. Watching interesting movies in a foreign language (30 min)
8. Searching for foreign friends and sharing some cultural elements
9. Learning from children
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