"What can be better than making your dreams come true?
it's helping others to make their dreams come true?"
Pasha Suvorov
Dear friends and future partners, we invite you to take part in a good project from the G-Landia Foundation.

1 May 2020 we launch the first of its kind mobile application, where companies and celebrities will
motivate and help people to achieve their goals, discover talents and bring to life their long-awaited dreams.
project author
Spheres of life
Surveys show that peoples' desires are both of personal and social interest.

The need to develop in many spheres is obvious for the world we live in.

People are looking forward to running G-Landia App as it will help them to turn complex goals and changes into an exciting and profitable game.

Competition spirit, surprises, gifts, motivational offers and special promotions, all that brings interaction and courage and helps people to succeed quicker.

If your business is related to these industries or you are simply willing to inspire and motivate people to evolve, G-Landia app is your tool!

It will surely improve your image and help your customers and employees to become more successful, loyal and generally happy.
G-Landia project is a simple and efficient way to unite people and companies on the basis of mutual benefit.

By using our platform, companies can help people to become more successful and happy.
It can be their employees and/or customers.

We are certain that when supported and believed in, people will advance quicker and very soon become a wealthy and a very loyal audience long-awaited and desired by any company type.

For a better PR and to promote even more, celebrities can also use their authority and help the followers to discover their real potential and achieve good goals.
This will extend their life span, increase the fame and popularity, and boost their social image right up.
Care and Support
See the full list of advantages
and join our project today to get all the benefits of the early registration!
Dear friends and future partners!
You are the foundation of G-Landia project and we appreciate your needs and requirements.

Taking into account your business interests, we have done everything to make it profitable for you to participate in the project and in real life of people.

Here are the main advantages for your organization:

1. 30 minutes of free promotime every month, for your goods and services, using the interactive map of your city - G-MAP.

2. Placement of information about your organization and its offers in the internal search system "G-Base".

3. Access to the target audience through a clear understanding of the real interests of people and their new needs. As a result, strong relationships with current customers and efficient attraction of the new ones.

4. Efficient search for good employees and partners through their ratings and understanding of their true qualities and values.

5. Easy building of a strong and loyal customer base through participation in the life of the users.

Optimization of PR and Brand Awareness expenses.

7. Participation in an interesting and useful global movement.

8. Formation of a positive image of a socially significant organization.

9. A chance to receive valuable gifts and additional advertising time from us, providing the high grades from the users.

A guarantee to purchase some of your goods and services at the expense of the Fund and drawing them as motivational prizes on your behalf among all participants.

This is only the beginning. Soon you will discover many more benefits for yourself and your company.

By registering right now, you get an opportunity to place your motivational offers for 30 minutes per month, absolutely free, till the end of 2019!

The only thing we ask in return, is to make them exciting and motivating for the people.

Pasha Suvorov and our G-team

Your full name / Company name / Sphere of business / City, Country

Please fell free to ask us any questions!

See you soon!

From Pasha, Masha and Russia with